FREE Community "Reading" Program
             3:30pm-4:30pm Monday-Friday
                             Snack Included
                          Extended hours available (4:30pm-6:45pm)

* School Enrichment for Special Needs children (& their siblings)                   
                PPCD/Pre-K Program M-F 11:00am-6:00pm-                      
                                 [depending on needs of the community]
     Evening Enrichment Program M-F 2:45pm-6:45pm
                          (Snack & Dinner included)

*School Break Day Camps (Fall, Spring, & Summer)

* Teacher In-service/Student Holiday programming              availability (8:00am-3:00pm) + extended hours

* IEP Goal Support

* Advocacy/Support

* FREE PT, OT, Speech & Food

* Sibling Therapy

* Respite Play Groups

* Special (& General) Education Consulting

*   SAT Administration
(Both College Entrance & Student Achievement)

* Career Research/Development

* College Prep/Trade School/Transitional Service Support

* Mentorship Program for young boys (with special needs)

* Tutoring

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