Through community collaboration, we’re able to provide elite academic guidance and  fine arts classes that include:  dance lessons, sports activites, cooking classes, and (adapted) physical education. 

   Academically, we provide a socioeducationally relevant program that reinforces and compliments concepts taught during the school day.  In addition, there is an ingrained “homework” help component that ALL students  complete before enrichment opportunities may be taken.  Career exploration research/development is also  included for secondary students as well as an integrated computer literacy and technological application series for all program attendants. 

Included in this concept is an achievement component that must be completed each week to allow full participation in fine arts.  Students must have successfully attended class, behaved well, be passing, and have ALL public/home school assignments and/or homework  completed before (full)participation in Fine Arts enrichment activities may be taken.  In addition, there are opportunities for selected students to “earn” extra funds by training with us to help their peers.  This  aligns with our motto of, "Teaching Our Kids How to Teach Themselves".

Sapience Academy also offers additional resources to its participants by providing them assistance with an array of family needs that include: local food pantry information, Special Education consulting,  transitional services , ARD counseling, supported employment, special needs advocacy and access to PT, OT, and Speech services as well.  As an added program benefit students will have access to late pass coupons, free game tickets, and other opportunities offered by area business people for outstanding program participants.





                           Enrollment Appointment Hotline: 817.983.2216